Aura Healers – Work With Our Energy Fields

Aura healers do a lot when working with our energy fields. This is because when they scan our energy fields and identify blockages as accurately as possible, we see almost immediate results when the problem fields are unblocked. This benefits them as much as it benefits us. This article will identify the problems that an aura healer works with, some of the techniques an aura healer uses and the training for aura healers. This will enable you to know more about aura healers and how they work with our subtle energy fields.

What Problems does an Aura Healer Work On?

It has been scientifically proven that our bodies; at the cellular level, uses energy to thrive. Once this energy is not sufficient or lacking, our organs function less and becomes diseased, which makes us ill. Aura healers use intuitive senses to gather information during energy scans and can sense blockages and areas within the energy field that are not functioning properly. They are able to detect diseases in their advanced stages that may require immediate medical attention by a physician.

This happens because the aura is sometimes infected long before physical infection occurs. Aura healers basically work on balancing our aura energy fields so that the resulting aura colors can be brighter and uniform. This brings about physical health, emotional balance and spiritual harmony in our daily lives and relationship with others. Now that you’ve seen the problems aura healers work on, let’s explore the techniques they use in balancing our aura.

What are Some Techniques an Aura Healer Uses?

Many techniques are used to refocus your energy level or aura. Some of them include Aura Awareness, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, Chi – Ki – Qi, Distant Healing, Grounding, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Vaastu and Yuen Method. Each of this technique has step by step instructions that must be followed in order to achieve the intended purpose. For example, the grounding technique has step by step instructions for aligning yourself to the earth through your root chakra in order to balance your aura.

Another technique that aura healers use is called Auric-Soma. It is a colour and light therapy that works through the colour spectrum and its various frequencies. If we use the colors through the medium of the 107 Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles (singular or dual tinted), the wavelength of the colors will synchronize with the body’s many energy fields, similar to the tuning of a radio to a certain station. Since there are many techniques aura healers use which requires experience, let’s try to answer the following question.

Is There Training for Aura Healers?

Since there are specialized training for medical practitioners that take care of the physical body; and religious training for those who take of our spiritual lives; it shows that specialized training for those who take care of our aura energy fields is not out of place. Aura healers can be trained to obtain certificates, diplomas and degree programs in aura healing. You can obtain training online through instructor led courses or offline in institutions in the US and Canada. There are also workshops, seminars and company training for those who prefer not to get a degree or other certifications.

Aura healers play important roles in helping us understand and use our auras positively. We’ve been able see the problems that they solve and we’ve been able to identify some of the techniques used in aura healing. We’ve also seen that aura healers can be trained for aura healing. You can now use this information to enlist the services of  qualified aura healers to help you in healing your aura.

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