How to See Auras


All living things have an aura and with a little practice you can learn to see auras of people, animals and plants. In fact, people used to believe that it is only highly gifted or highly spiritual people that see auras. This is not the case as anyone can see them. The ability to see auras is already in us. What we need is just the training of how to use what we already have, (our eyes and third eye chakras), to read an aura. Auras around living beings like humans change often, while those of innate things like stones don’t change; unless when disturbed.

When you know how to see auras, it will help you in business situations, help you get along with friends and relatives and even protect you from those that would harm you by giving you insight into the emotions and thinking process of a person at any moment. Based on this, we will briefly discuss how to train your eyes for seeing and reading auras, how to focus your gaze when seeing auras and the best way to practice seeing auras. After reading, you will be able to know how to see auras.

How to Train Your Eyes

To see auras, you need to use your physical eyes and your third eye. The physical eye helps you to see the object physically. This is why you need some light while trying to see auras. Your third eye, also known as your peripheral eye is located between your eyebrows. It is this eye that interprets that what you are seeing is an aura, together with the color associated with it. To train your eye, you need to do the following.

1.      Get a place where you will not be disturbed and where there is no darkness

2.      Get an object of concentration. This may be an object or another human being.

3.      Focus your mind. Don’t day dream.

4.      Look at your object for some time without thinking of anything or blinking. You may blink unconsciously.

5.      Keep doing this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes daily until you get used to fixing your eyes on an object for sometime without thinking of something else.

Once you know how to train your eyes, you need to know how to focus your gaze.

How to Focus Your Gaze

If you want to know how to focus your gaze, then you need to know three things. First, you must be really relaxed. You don’t need to allow anything to stress you or disturb you. Second, your object background must be reasonably plain; without too many colors or objects in view. Third, there must not be direct light on your target object. It should preferably be behind it. Once these things are in place, you are ready to focus your gaze.  To focus, look at your object and identify a particular spot. Don’t take your eyes away from that spot until you start noticing a surrounding field around it. That is the aura. For example, you can focus your gaze on a leaf when looking at a plant. You need to know the best way to practice focusing your gaze in order to get it right every time.

Best Way to Practice

Aura vision seems to be most powerful when the brain is in the alpha state or slower – that is, when it’s predominately producing brainwaves of between 8 and 12 Hz in frequency. It is a state where your brain is not doing much work. If you are good at meditation, you can achieve this state easily. After knowing how to get into this relaxing state, you need to sit or lie down quietly while facing your object. It won’t be long till you will find it easy to view your aura or those of other people easily when you practice in this way for some time.

Now that you have seen the importance of viewing your aura and those of people, especially how to train your eyes, how to focus your gaze and the best way to practice, you can begin to see auras without difficulty from now on.

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