Remove Negative Thoughts and Negative Energy

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My introduction to Alternative Therapies occurred 25 years ago when a Kinesiologist helped my body heal a hernia that my doctor said only surgery would help. This experience inspired me to study various Alternative Therapies which resulted in my becoming a Certified Kinesiologist, a licensed Minister of Spiritual Healing and the recipient of a Doctor of Divinity degree.

I am thankful for all of my teachers, my clients and my close connection with God which has given me the chance to help so many people get well, even at times when doctors have given up. I work with individuals, couples and families at my office in New Jersey and by phone or remotely. I have lectured and taught groups mainly on the East Coast. I also offer trips as an additional healing experience.

My whole path has been an exciting one, especially the journey within, where I am constantly being taught new approaches to healing. I love using my intuitive abilities and teaching skills to help people be well and to take control of their lives.

Peace, Happiness & Blessings
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD