Balancing Chakras – What is Chakra Balancing?

balancing chakras

Chakras are the energy levels in our bodies that are linked to one another and the seven glands of the endocrine system which they govern. They control our experiences, sensations and feelings. We will normally gain peak performance in body and soul once they are in balance to one another. When they are not balanced, it can lead to ill health and other emotional and spiritual problems. Let’s move on to briefly explore the seven major chakras.

What are the Seven Major Chakras?

The seven major chakras are the primary chakras that are located along the spinal column of the body. Though invisible to the eyes, they are depicted by colours that represent the functions they perform. Starting from the bottom, the first chakra is known as the root, the second is known as the sacral or abdomen, the third is known as the solar plexus, the fourth as the heart, the fifth as the throat, the sixth as the third eye and the seventh as the crown. Now that we know the locations of the seven chakras, let’s go on to know the characteristics of each chakra.

What are the Chakras Main Characteristics?

The individual chakra main characteristics are all about their spiritual and metaphysical significance. Most people are only aware of their physical being without knowing that there are unseen forces in the universe that help guide the flow of their lives. Some of the most important meanings of each chakra are included in the following information:

Crown Chakra: A balanced chakra at this level manifests unity, spiritual consciousness, infinity and freedom

Third eye Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests mental abilities, concentration, and inner wisdom. An unbalanced one manifests arrogance, pride and suspicion.

Throat Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests emotional balance, peace, calm, joy, determination and will for action. An unbalanced one manifests jealousy and misuse of personal power.

Heart Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests love, gentleness, adoration and healing while an unbalanced one manifests lethargy, laziness and passivity.

Solar Plexus Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests peace and service to God. A negative one manifests greed, obesity and fear.

Sacral Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests the power of invocation, rhythm and accuracy. An unbalanced one manifests anger, menace, hatred and apathy.

Root Chakra: A balanced chakra manifests the need of the physical body, purity and resurrection. An unbalanced one manifests passion and lust

Anyone who knows these characteristics can easily figure out which chakra is out of balance and should seek to address it as soon as possible. Keep reading to discover ways of balancing chakras that are unbalanced.

Balancing the Chakras

Cleansing and balancing the chakras becomes necessary if any of the chakras become unbalanced. In order to avoid the negative effects that result from unbalanced chakras you need to balance them using any of the methods available. The most common method of aligning your chakras is meditation. You can use any of the chakra meditation techniques or get professional help. Others use reiki, sounds that come from music which resonate at the proper frequencies to retune our Chakras into health. Once you know you are out of balance, try to consider an appropriate chakras balancing technique in order to reap the full benefits of a balanced chakra system.


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