Aura Cameras

Aura cameras are used to give individuals a visual display of their bio-energetic state. Based on such biofeedback technologies, the galvanic skin response and skin temperature; aura cameras can measure these physiological inputs and then convert this information into digital displays through a computer interface.

The cameras give an illustration of what your aura should look like. The reason for this is simple. The aura is not a physical thing that can be measured. It can only be observed. Numerous researchers have linked clairvoyance with our galvanic skin response to design special auric cameras that make these illustrations possible. Though they are not real auras, the illustrations give accurate results of our real auras. This is exactly how aura cameras work;

1.      Sensors are placed on the skin of the subject or the person is made to sit on a chair where the skin is brought in contact with the sensor.

2.      These sensors measure the electrical resistance of the skin, also known as galvanic response which varies according to salt and moisture level. The moisture level is influenced by diet, fluid, temperature, health, emotion, mood, activity and so on.

3.      The electrical resistance readings are fed into a small electronic processor that is attached to the camera.

4.       This produces electrical signals that are fed into specially designed cameras. Inside the camera, an optical coloring device creates a variable pattern of colored lights which it beams directly onto a film as the picture is taken. This gives the illusion of a colorful aura surrounding the person as received through the sensor readings.

There are so many colors comprising the energy fields and the dynamic nature of the changing moods, body fluids, emotions etc make it almost impossible for aura cameras to give two identical pictures of the aura of one person at any given time. Aura cameras originated from Kirlian photography. Keep reading to find out more about Kirlian photography.

What is Kirlian Photography?

Kirlian Photography originated from the work started by Tesla in 1891.  It refers to a form of photogram made with voltage. It got its name from its creator; Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of voltage an image is produced on the photographic plate. At present, the only technique available to register small fragments of our Aura vibration is Kirlian technology. Kirlian photography is a valuable tool that provides photographs, video, or computer images of energy flow. It is through this technology that aura cameras are based upon. You can use it to

  • Graphically illustrate the effectiveness of health treatments before and after taking Kirlian photos.
  • Visually monitor meridian system activity
  • Observe the energy flow or lack of energy flow between people
  • Make the connection between mind, body, and energy obvious to your clients
  • Observe the Kirlian aura of plants, animals, crystals, foods, and more

These are just some of the uses of a Kirlian aura camera. It is from this that K’ 5irlian cameras got its name.

What are Kirlian Cameras?

Kirlian cameras are devices used for taking pictures of the aura that uses Kirlian photography. It works by sending a painless electric charge into your hand and then captures the image of your aura on a photographic plate. The result can then be used for treatment, guidance, advice, balancing, cleansing and so on.

Do Kirlian Cameras Photograph the Aura?

At present Kirlian cameras can reliably record only the intensity distribution of the Aura. Original Aura color information is not available, but intensity maps of the Aura are usually artificially “colored” to show the “hot” and “cold” spots. The results would then be subsequently interpreted to help you adjust if anything is not in order.

Kirlian photography and aura cameras have come to change the way we treat ailments, relate with people and our general outlook on life.


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