Remove Negative Thoughts and Negative Energy

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What can be done in a Spiritual Healing Session

My work is fairly involved and takes and in-depth look at the energetic interactions within you, between yourself and your environment and people in your environment. In this process I am able to create a positive flow of energy in your life to enhance the areas needing attention.

Energetic interaction within you
I am able to see how your past experiences are affecting you. Over the years you store experiences within your energy fields. If you were unable to process a particular experience then your body stores it as unprocessed. I am able to see if these stored experiences are causing an imbalance and make the corrections necessary to promote your healing process.

Energy Balancing
I am able to work on your overall energy systems to reduce your level of stress so that you can accomplish your goals with more ease.

Energy interaction with your environment
One of the most important energetic interactions that you are in contact with is that of your home. I am able to see how the energy flows in your home and then offer suggestions to create a more harmonious flow of energy. Even if you have used basic feng shui principles I will use my ability to see if there is more that can be done for enhancing the energy in your home. I also clear any toxic energy. The word toxic describes a number of conditions: there can be negative entities or influences within the environment, power lines, natural earth grid lines running under the house or there can be actual chemical components that need to be addressed, to name a few. If you are purchasing an older home then the energies of the prior owners may need to be cleared. Especially if there was lots of fighting, a divorce or perhaps a death in the home.

Energy interaction within relationships
Seeing the energy flow between people allows me to help create a more harmonious flow of energy resulting in a greater degree of trust in the relationship.

Sessions usually run either 30 minutes or 1 hour and depending on what needs to be addressed may require more than one session. A 30 minute session is $125, a 1 hour session is $225 and a 20 minute evaluation is only $85.

Multi Session Discount - 6 sessions for $1,125 (Save $225) that must be used within 3 months - contact me for details

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