Are There Steps to a Better Relationship?


One of the top requests I receive in my practice is to help clients with their relationships.

That is either to fix the one that they are in, find one that is satisfying or move on from a relationship that has ended.

Although there are two people in a relationship a great deal of my clients energy has been spent on working on “fixing” the other person.

This is not to say that the other person is never wrong, stupid and uncaring but since it is almost impossible to change someone against their will a great place to start fixing relationships is with the person you see in the mirror.

The following is an excerpt from a very good article by By Eve Hogan – 3 Steps to a Healthier Relationship

The hardest thing for the ego to do when faced with potential pain is to let down the armored guard (of apathy, or anger, or righteousness, or hurt) and offer love to the situation. However, the reality is that if your goal is a more loving relationship, making the first move back toward love is the best thing you can possibly do.

Step One: Remember What Your Goal Is: A Healthy, Loving Relationship
Step Two: Simply Notice Your Own Response To The Event
Step Three: Ask Yourself If Your Actions, Thoughts And Words Are Leading You Closer To Your Goal — Or Further Away

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