Relationships Affirmations

RelationshipWe all want to be in a loving, warm and committed relationship. Why doesn’t it happen? All the books and TV commercials would have you believe that love is just around the corner.

But your experience my tell you that this is not the case. Well, maybe it is the picture that you are painting of what this relationship needs to look like that could use some overhauling.

That is what the following affirmations will assist you in doing.

An important point to remember about using affirmations successfully is that your body and mind needs to accept them. What do I mean by this. Well, if you say “I am in a wonderful relationship” and your body does not believe you are worthy of it or the thought of being in a relationship has a very negative meaning to you then in all likelihood this affirmation will fail.

As you listen to the following affirmation just remember that your mind and body may be fighting against your best intentions. If you find this to be the case, give me a call because I have a lot of experience helping people move through these blocks.

Relationship Affirmations:

I only attract healthy and relishing men/women into my life story.

I contribute to the healthy development of my relationships.

My relationship is leading to love and commitment.

I easily connect with everybody I meet.

All of my relationships are fun, friendly and productive.

My mate and I have healed the past and our relationship is stronger than ever.

My mate and I have bonded into a full-blown loving relationship.

All of my relationships are honest, loyal and trusting.

My relationship has blossomed into love and passion.

I’m in a fulfilling and nurturing relationship.

My ability to communicate is enhanced with my power to listen.

When I speak with other people, the dialogue involves giving and receiving.

My body language makes me approachable to everybody.

I speak the reality with sincerity, knowledge and compassion.

I’m an excellent communicator and it shows!

I say what I mean and mean what I say.

My ability to communicate draws other people closer to me.

The one that I truly adore returns to me with open arms and mounds of love.

It’s simple for me to express love and in return, it’s easily expressed back to me.

I follow God’s example of real love.

I’m open to experiencing love from the perfect man/woman for me.

I’m attracting emotionally available partners to my loving and giving spirit.

Love is pulled in to me and I’m attracted to Love.

I attract love so easily that my phone is ringing off the hook for dates.

I’m ready to love again and I receive love with open arms.

I clearly see myself in loving relationship with the man/woman of my dreams.

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