US Marines Learn to Meditate

meditating marines

For hundreds if that a 1000 years warriors have taken up the practice of meditation to clear their minds for battle.

The samurai of Japan did it, the Shaolin monks in China did it and all the great Olympic athletes report doing it.

And now it is the turn of the US Marines – from The NY Daily News

The U.S. Marine Corps, known for turning out some of the military’s toughest warriors, is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness.

Marine Corps officials are testing a series of brain calming exercises called “Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training” that they believe could enhance the performance of troops, who are under mounting pressures from long deployments and looming budget cuts expected to slim down forces. Read more

If mindfulness meditation can calm the mind in life and death situation how will it work in calming the stresses of everyday life?

I have seen clients report the easing of migraine headaches, the easing of lower back pain and the calming of severe stomach cramps all from relaxation techniques.

If you need any help with this just use the comment section below of feel free to contact me.

A list of meditations can be found here.

Photo – By Conrad Kuiper
Article Source – The NY Daily News


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