Incredible Relationships

couples meditation

One of the greatest experiences that you can have is to truly connect to another person.

To have a fulfilling and deeply satisfying relationship brings out the best within each one of us.

Unfortunately, the majority of our relationships are far from deep or satisfying.

Relationships are more like bumper cars played out over a rocky road. They can be filled with misunderstanding, blame and resentment.

Traditional couples counseling works to develop communication skills to help bridge the divide that has formed in relationships.

Traditional counseling endeavors to help couples learn to really listen without judgment. To understand that the needs of their partner do not need to be in conflict with their needs.

Most couples enter into counseling with the best of intentions. They want their relationship to work. And are at a loss to figure out were it all fell apart.

Why then, do many couples go from counselor to counselor continuing to look for an answer? Why is the divorce rate so high? And why is it even higher for second and third marriages?

The reason is because talking is only a small part of the solution.

The broader answer lies in creating a harmonious flow of energy between you and your partner and in maintaining that flow while you are interacting.

When I look at a couple interacting, I am very interested in how their energies interact and a little less concerned in what they are actually saying to each other. This is because the way your energies interact is the true test of the health of your relationship.

The following couples meditation is just the tip of the iceberg in moving a relationship into the region of – incredible.

In my private practice I continue to work with couples on the following areas.

  1. Learning energy techniques that will allow communication to happen
  2. Learning meditations to open your chakras and balance your energies
  3. Learning to gently touch your partner with your energy
  4. Learning how to form a couple’s energy body and how to have it grow
  5. Learning to form a more deep and satisfying connection with your partner


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