Do Angels Really Exist?


I believe so – here is one example that just recently occurred.

We were in the waiting room of Wills Eye hospital after being told that the tests they needed to perform on my husband would take AWHILE.

Although I have called on angels in the past for different types of assistance – I wondered if there was one to expedite the whole process.

I asked my husband if he would join me in calling in such an angel and so we did.

Before we knew it – within minutes, my husband was on a stretcher where he had his blood drawn, an EKG completed and was signing papers to be admitted.

A couple minutes passed by and he was sitting on his bed in his room. We then looked at each other and said “What just happened?”

We both said “Thank you Angel”

PS – Everything turned out fine and my husband came home the next day.

Peace and Happiness
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD

Photo Source – Art Aspiration

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