Does Your Doctor Use Alternative Medicine for Himself


What are the odds that your health care provider personally uses alternative approaches to their care without suggesting it for your use.

According to the study, 76 percent of healthcare workers use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This is in contrast to the 63 percent of the general population who use CAD. Based on those numbers, your doctor may be more likely to use things like herbs and meditation than you are. Read more

Now that is pretty shocking, don’t you think. It feels like they are withholding vital info from their patients.

What do they generally use in the alternative market?

Deep breathing
Diet-based therapies
Energy healing (Reiki)
Imagery and meditation
Movement therapies
Plants and herbal supplementation
Tai chi
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It may be to your benefit to start asking your doctor what they think of alternative approaches and if they use any themselves.

Photo Source – Kerala Tourism
Article Source – Natural Society

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