Do Angels Exist – Part 2

angel 2

In part 1 of the angel story I shared the positive results that my husband experienced when we called on an angel to expedite proceedings in the ER room at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

Now I want to share what happened next.

After my husband was admitted to the hospital and was resting comfortably in his bed, I looked at him and was flooded with memories of many stories that I had heard about the horrors of hospital stays.

Normally I don’t let others experiences cloud my generally optimistic point of view, however, I had gone through many challenging days last year when my mother was in the hospital 3 times over a 4 month period.

My husband was starting to be concerned for me and wanted me to get home to get some sleep – I would have preferred to stay, but he was right – It was late and it would be another 40 minutes before I would be home.

Still I didn’t like leaving him alone. Then I remembered he didn’t have to be alone 😮

What about those angels?

I can make sure he had company – the best company.

I decided to call in an angel of protection. The room immediately filled up with an essence that was so majestic that I knew my husband would be just fine.

Yes, I was upset about the events of the day and that my husband wasn’t going home with me that night but I KNEW he was safe!

He called me in the morning and said he was getting better and the staff in the hospital continued to amaze him with the level of care and attention he was receiving.

Thank you angel!

Peace and Happiness
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD

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