Watch Out – Negative Energy in Food


As you may know from previous posts on my website and blog, I put a strong emphasis on removing negative thoughts and negative energy from the energy fields of my clients.

There are many ways to pick up negative energy. One example I use to describe this process is to equate negative energy to a virus.  Just as you can get a virus by being around “sick” people you can pick up negative energy in the same way.

It is important to keep as much negative energy from entering your energy systems and your body as possible.

I know that this may be a surprise, but a big way that negative energy sneaks into our bodies and energy fields is through the food that we eat. Besides the nutritional value of food there is an energetic value as well.

Think about the following points –

  1. How the food is raised, whether chemicals are used in the process or natural means to eliminate insects and to nourish the soil the food is being raised in/on.
  2. How about the workers raising the food. Are they happy or are they pouring a lot of resentment into the food they pick or process.
  3. And how about how the food is prepared – you can be the best cook in the world but if you are in a bad mood, angry at someone or if you are the type of person who hates to cook – that energy will go into the food as you prepare it!! So be careful when you cook and get yourself in a good mood before you do.

Whenever eating out (it wouldn’t hurt to do this short exercise before eating anything) here is a quick cleansing to do:

Visualize a golden cloud above your food, see golden energy droplets come from the cloud onto your food and then through it -your intention is for these energy droplets to cleanse any negative energy from the food and then to provide energy for the food that is highest and best for you – then see the energy droplets go through your food down through the table, the floor and into the earth.

The next step is to say a short prayer of thanks. Gratitude puts your body in a state of receiving – the best state to be in when you are eating.

Peace and Happiness
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD

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