The Power Behind Negative Thinking


I have had a healing practice for close to 25 years. And during this time I have worked with many 1000s of clients.

I was thinking the other day about what is a common theme for many of my clients. What is it that they come to me for and what is it that they wish to change.

And the answer that I came up with is – Why is it, my clients ask, that I am so much better at getting what I do not want then I am at getting what I do want.

My clients will say that they are aware of the Law of Attraction. They know that what they think of a lot will come to them in their lives.

They say that they do positive affirmations. They will take affirmations from books like Louise Hay and apply them to their lives.

They say that they will meditate on a regular basis and have used visualizations to see what they want to manifest in their lives.

Yet they still seem to be more expert at manifesting what they do not want then in getting what they do want.

How to Manifest Anything

There are three primary steps in the process of manifesting.

The first step is to have an exact picture of what you want. There are a number of ways to do this. You can write lists, you can do visualizations, you can set up vision boards etc…

The common element in all of these activities is that it is a mental process. You need to engage your mind to set the process in motion.

<span class=”pullquote”>The second step is the application of your will</span>. In this step you remain focused on the goal. You remain committed to the process and you maintain your vision. You continually maintain this vision and you maintain it without any doubt.

The last step in the process is the use of emotion. You can keep an exact picture of what you want for as long as you want. But if there is no emotion behind this effort then there will be very little results produced from your efforts.

Emotion is the “secret sauce” behind manifestation. Without it nothing will come into being. If there are two competing wishes being worked on, the one with the most emotion tied to it will be the one that becomes manifest.

Emotion is the Secret

If you can have a burning emotion associated with something then it will be manifested. Even if your image is not exact and your focus is not steady you will attain what you associated with strong emotion.

And that is why most people get what they do not want.

For some reason we are able to associate very strong emotions with  feelings such as anger, hate, despair, unworthy, abandonment, failure, jealousy, insecurity, fear and on and on and on …

But we do not seem to be able to sustain strong emotions around positive ideas such as success, abundance, good health, a happy family, good relationships etc…

I have seen people hold onto intense feelings of anger and rage for years. With these feelings as the focus of their attention it is no wonder that they bring negative events into their lives. And of course these negative events just fuel the feelings of anger and rage. What a downward spiral it is.

Other than from reading about the ultra successful, I have never heard anyone talk about being singularly focused with intense passion on becoming, successful or healthy or happy or whatever …

I have seen people blot out all reason while being consumed with despair.  Yet, other than reading about it, I have never seen anyone totally consumed with being healthy or happy or successful.

What to Do

The purpose of this article was to uncover the tremendous power behind negative thoughts.

We now know that the primary force behind manifesting is strong emotions. And we know that, for the most part, strong emotions are easily tied to negative thoughts.

From this knowledge I can see that there are two courses of action available. The first is to work at defusing the emotions attached to these thoughts. And the second, and I think easier, approach is to start eliminating these negative thoughts from our minds.

I have written several articles on removing negative thoughts. You can find them here, here and here.

If you find it difficult to stop negative thoughts from taking over your emotions then feel free to contact me for a no cost evaluation.

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