“What the Bleep” – The Power of Positive Thinking

I recently wrote an article on positive thinking where I asked a question about the possibility of changing our lives through the way we think and what would be the benefit of positive thinking.

I quoted a study that said we thought over 7,500 negative thoughts per day and I wondered how we could possibly create a happy and abundant life with this mindset.

And following the reasoning in “The Secret” and the ideas behind the “Law of Attraction” all we would be able to do, with all of these negative thoughts, is have a life filled with negativity and hardship.

In that article I gave some tips on how to deal with those negative thoughts. And in this article I wanted to talk about the life that is possible and additionally the power of positive thinking.

How Can We Construct the Life that We Want?

The fleeting moment of the present is the dividing line between a past that we cannot change and a future that we can build to look however we want it to look.

A favorite DVD of mine is “What the Bleep do We Know”. This came out in 2004 and became an instant hit among thinkers who are looking for a way to blend the rational of science with mysticism of new age thought.

I would highly recommend looking at some free excerpts of this DVD that are on line and then buying the DVD to watch the whole 2 hour presentation. You will be glad that you did.

As a one line summary of What the Bleep do We Know, the DVD says that everything exists as potential and only comes into form by our observation and interaction.

What that means to me is that no matter where I stand I am at the leading edge of a new future, a future that I can build in any way that I like.

If, as I stand on this edge I use the same thoughts, emotions and ideas as I always have used, then the future will be exactly the same as the past.

But if I can work hard at eliminating those 7500 negative thoughts per day, and I can hold onto a new view of a world that I want, then the future will be anything I can conceive it to be.

Now this way of approaching change is different than the normal use of affirmations. You know the ones that say, “I am wealthy” or “I am in a great relationship” or “I am at my ideal weight”.

I use affirmations all of the time, but the issue I see with this approach is that most people do not believe in the affirmations, even as they say them. And the reason for this disbelief is that to come to an understanding of the affirmations we need to look to the past. And it is our past shortcomings that make us feel that these affirmations are not attainable.

Now the power of the approach I am talking about in this article centers on the fact that we do not have to look anywhere but to the future. By acknowledging the past for what it is, we can build a new future out of the never ending potential that exists in this unformed future.

So in my mind, having a positive thinking attitude and armed with the power of positive thinking, I can have, do or be anything that I want.

And I find that very exciting.

I also know that this can be difficult to visualize and to do. I know that I have done a lot of energetic clearing work to come to an understanding and acceptance of this process. Feel free to give me a call if you would like to do some energy clearing to become more aligned with this method.


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