18 Quick and Easy Tips for a Positive Attitude

Life is not always fair and things do not always go your way.

It is important to keep a positive attitude to be able to move through the difficult times.

Below are a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use to keep a Positive Attitude.

1. Keep focused on today and let the past and future take care of themselves.

2. Be aware of your body posture. You can influence how you feel by how you stand and sit. Standing or sitting hunched over constricts your breathing and adds to feelings of despair.

3. Keeping a positive attitude is added by reading high quality books and magazines on uplifting subjects. Not only does this help but by focusing on these subjects your mind is also taken away from worrying about your troubles. And of course it is nice to get motivated.

4. Even though we are sometimes clobbered with negativity we are the ones in control of our attitude. Keep working on an uplifting and positive focus.

5. Work at looking at the newness of things. Many times we take daily life for granted. As the expression goes – stop and smell the roses.

6. Don’t forget to exercise. Besides getting into shape and making your doctor happy, exercise is a great mood elevator. In many cases much better then medication. Also exercise helps get rid of many small aches and pains. The better our bodies feel the better our outlook is.

7. Sometimes it helped to look outward. See how other people are doing. Take time to devote to others. There are many advantages to this. One advantage is that it takes your mind of your own issues. ALso the more you can be of help the more people will send you good thoughts and wishes. And there is a lot to be said for positivity coming your way.

8. Always be aware that it is your attitude that makes you feel how you feel.

9. Keep positive thoughts in your mind. You can use affirmations from popular book or biblical passages. By keeping these thoughts in mind you can help yourself through those low energy periods of time.

10. If we feel oppressed by the wants and need of others then we can see no way out. Work at being the decider of your fate.

11. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

12. Have a plan. If you are able to plan you day, week and month this will give you a direction. As you see your list being completed you will have a sense of accomplishment. This feeling will go a long way in developing a positive attitude.

13. Stop living in the past. If you live in “what might have been” you will find it hard to be happy.

14. A positive attitude is a state of mind. You have to decide you controls your mind. Is it you or is it the circumstances of your environment. The more times you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones the easier it will become.

15. Smile at people. The more times you can have a smile on your face the more positive you will be. And the happier the people around you will be.

16. Take time to sing. Even if you have a bad voice. You will feel better for it.

17. Be happy when you face challenges. The more times you can overcome them the stronger you will be. And the better your attitude will be.

18. Take time to dream of all the things you want to happen. This is a great way to recharge your batteries.

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