Make 2012 the Best Year You Have Ever Had

Last year I mentioned that a search of Amazon yielded some 1,500 books on the topic of the law of attraction.

And with so many books written on this method of change you would think that everybody would have the relationships they want, the income they want and the level of health that they want.

But as we all know this is not the case.

Now of course there are many people who are not aware of this concept. But I am talking about the people who have bought the books, have listened to the CDs and watched the videos.

Why is it not working for so many of these people?

It seems to me that with so many books on the subject that there must be something happening that causes this law not to work. So I wrote a lot about the law of attraction and how our world view affects how well this law will work in our lives.

I want to continue that discussion this year because it seems to me that a fundamental yet simple shift in our world view will generate amazingly positive results.

What do Words have to do with it?

The law of attraction basically says that whatever we hold in our thoughts will become manifested.

Now that is a very straight forward concept. And I believe that all the books can be summed up in a single sentence – “You are what you think and your world is what you think it is”.

What is so frustrating to me is that for everyone that knows this “law” why aren’t they rich, vibrantly healthy and in great relationships. I know I am repeating myself about this frustration but I want everyone to have the life they want and deserve.

Since I am not a mind reader I have to listen to the words that people use to understand their thoughts and mental processes.

What I have found is that there are many words that we use that demonstrate to me that our thoughts are not always geared to self fulfillment.

So let’s use an example.

I speak with a client and they tell me how they are diligently applying the law of attraction to increase their business income. They describe how they make affirmation lists and how they meditate on seeing their business grow.

Here is how they might describe what they do.

“I wake in the morning and the first thing I do is try to visualize how I want the day to go. I try and set my intentions so that all of the good things I want will come to me. Several times during the day I take a few minutes and try to bring into focus the things that I want to happen. I even take some time out of the day and try and meditate so that I can make full use of the law of attraction.”

When I listen to my client describe what they do my mind is drawn to their use of the word “try”.

I believe that there are a number of “killer words” that show our underlying thought processes.

When I hear someone use the word “try” it says to me that even though they are doing what the books say to do, their underlying belief is that it will not work.

Because in my mind the word “try” means an unsuccessful attempt. Or in other words, they believe that their work at change will really fail.

So their efforts are doomed from the start.

What to do?

As this year progresses I will write on each of the “killer words” that I find limits our progress. I have worked with many clients in identifying the limiting words used most often in their speech.

Once identified, simply becoming aware of this usage and then eliminating these words has produced amazing positive changes.

So to start I would encourage everyone to look at the words that they use and see how many times you use the word “try”.

If you find that you are simply not able to eliminate this word from your vocabulary there may be some underlying energetic bloc k that needs to be worked with.

If there is an energetic block feel free to contact me and we can discuss how best to proceed.

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