Spiritual Growth – Killer Words that Stop Growth


Spiritual growth is an ongoing process. It is a forward moving process that needs to be encouraged and nurtured. The move forward can easily be stopped or slowed down to such an extent that it seems that there is no movement at all. This article will discuss two of the ways that spiritual growth can be slowed or stopped completely.

It is very easy to understand how someone sees their life by the words they use. Now there are some obvious words that cannot be missed. If you use the word “hate” in most of your sentences then that would be the way your world would be colored. Likewise if you use the word “fear” all the time then we can assume certain things about the way you see the world. However, there are more subtle words that we use and it is those words that we will discuss in this article and there affects on your spiritual growth.

Try – This is one of the most difficult words to eliminate from our vocabulary. It sticks its little head in practically all of the ways we talk about getting things done. We might say “I’ll try and get that done” or “I will try and study” or “I will try and control my anger” or how about “I’ll try and meditate today”. The word try implies failure and weakness. To move along the path of spiritual growth we are looking for feelings of strength and success. Eliminate the word try from your speech. Eliminate the weakness it implies. Live in the strength of doing and completing.

Should – This is one of the most energy sapping words there is in your vocabulary. This word means obligation without desire. It means whatever you are not doing your are failing at. “I should be a better student” or “I should be more considerate” means that whatever you are doing is not good enough. And if you are living in “not good enough” all of the time that will deplete you of any energy you need for your growth. Live in the world of want and desire. “I want to be a good student” or “I desire to be more considerate”. These are expressions that show you the way forward.

I do not want to over burden you with to many words that stop your growth. It is enough to start with these to two major words. Look at your speech. Understand what you are saying and the meaning that you are sending forth into the universe. Speak in a positive and uplifting manner. Eliminate these two highly negative words and watch you world view change.

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