Solar Plexus Chakra

Ways of Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra


Enlisting the services of a qualified healer when trying to balance your solar plexus chakra will go a long way to speed up your balancing process.

You can also do daily exercise like hugging yourself tightly and twisting side to side while holding your chest out. The yoga poses are: the bow, the cat, the twist and the coil.

Sunlight and sunflower are natural things that can help out too.

When trying to balance through sound, the best musical note that resonates with the energy frequency of this chakra is E.

Belly dancing and conscious breathing are also recommended for balancing. These ways of balancing will achieve better results with expert help.

You have read about some of the things associated with the solar plexus chakra such as colour and physical areas of the body. You have also discovered some of the characteristics of the balanced and unbalanced chakra and ways of balancing them. This information will help you to better appreciate the importance of the solar plexus chakra in our lives.

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