Chakras – What are Chakras?


Chakras are energy centers within our body that we cannot see with our physical eyes. They present themselves as swirling vortexes of energy that regulate the flow of energy throughout our bodies. Our Chakras may be either open or closed, depending on our mental and spiritual condition at any given time.  There are 7 primary and over 20,000 secondary Chakras in our bodies. The 7 primary Chakras lie along the spine. They are located from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Each of them has an associated frequency vibration and color that helps us to identify them. Chakras are known to control all the organs of the body around where they are located. Now that you know what Chakras are, let’s briefly explore know how it all started.

What is the History of Chakras?

Here’s a brief account of how we came to know about Chakras. The existence of our Chakra system was first discovered by the Ancient Hindus about four thousand years ago. Around (2,000 – 600 BC), the oldest written tradition in India “Vedas”, wrote that the Indo-Europeans of India  called Aryans, invaded India  on the wheels of a chariot.  The meaning of Chakra (Original spelling-Cakra) got its name from the turning wheels of the Aryans during that invasion. It is also a metaphor for the sun as it rolls across the sky like the wheels of Aryan chariot rulers, cakravartin. It is said that the cakravartins were preceded by a glowing golden disk of light, much like the halo of Christ, but the only difference is that this spinning disk was seen in front of them. It is also said that when god Vishnu came down to earth, he was holding four things in his four arms; they are cakra, lotus flower, club, and a conch shell.

How Are Chakras Integrated Into the Physical Body?

Chakras are integrated into the body just like other organs are integrated. The only difference is that we cannot see them. The seven major Chakras have their own area of responsibility in the physical body. They are integrated into the physical body by their relative positions. Each Chakra is linked with a different part of the endocrine system. When your Chakras are not balanced in any way your physical body becomes ill.

What are the Benefits of Balanced Chakras?

Balanced or open Chakras gives many benefits. Apart from making you regain and maintain good health, it also helps you to feel totally alive and have the ability to tackle your life’s challenges and problems in the best way they ought to be handled. You will relate well with people, have a better love life and the ability to express yourself, be heard and understood and have good judgment. Your spiritual awareness also deepens as you experience the true meaning of life. It is these benefits that attract people to understanding the Chakra system and make them work at keeping their Chakra system balanced.

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