Chakra Meditation – An Overview of Meditation Techniques

chakra meditation

Meditation is a continued or extended thought, reflection or contemplation. They are practices that people do to make them enjoy peace and self actualization in their daily lives. To get the best out of meditation, people set aside a particular time and place that is free of distractions. Routine like daily, weekly or otherwise helps to get the best results. Most people prefer to meditate in the morning so that the positive energy that results from it can help them throughout the day. There are many types of meditation. Most people practice the kind that is best suited to their spiritual belief and life philosophy.

What is Chakra Meditations?

Chakra meditation is a healing approach that is carried out to align the seven major Chakras in the body. You cannot carry out a successful chakra meditation if you don’t understand where they are located and their various functions. A typical Chakras meditation starts at the root and gradually moves up to the crown at the top of the head.  This is considered a very powerful way of achieving self healing and balancing.

Chakra Meditation for Balancing

Chakra meditation for balancing is the practice of meditating and visualization that opens up and clears all the seven Chakras. It starts from the root and moves through the navel to the chest, throat, forehead and crown. As each Chakra is stimulated, it gets balanced and the positive effects are noticed immediately. Once this is done, you will have a better feel for the world around you and relate to it in the most optimal way both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

An unbalanced Chakra can make you not enjoy the benefits of maximum health. It can cause you to have problems in relationships and to have feelings of insecurity, fear etc. This is why Chakra balancing is encouraged to be done regularly. However, excessive mental energy can have negative effects on those who are not used to abundant physical activity. To avoid this, you need to be guided by a qualified person.

Chakra Meditation for Cleansing

Chakra meditation for cleansing is the act where you lay quiet and visualize. To start with, you must first visualize the Chakras as colorful balls stacked against each other without minding their actual relative positions in the body. You will start by visualizing the red colorful ball at the base chakra, followed by the next orange ball, then yellow and so on till you get to the purple ball at the crown of your head.

Once this is done, you now visualize a white light flowing into you through the crown Chakra and filling you with white light down to the root.  You will now imagine the white light flowing into you again through the root Chakra. This time around, you’ll have to imagine it going into the red ball through tiny holes and filling it up until it glows.  Repeat this thought process for all the balls as you imagined them stacked on one another earlier. As it gets to the crown, you have to visualize the light reaching out to the heavens. This cleansing procedure lets the energy of the universe and the earth energize your Chakras.

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