Life Lessons as Spiritual Guidance

Throughout my life, anything that happens I look at as a lesson.

So for example, there was one trip that I went on with a group.  We came back.  We were at the airport, we came into the Atlantic City airport, and I happened to drive.  So I went to get the car, and the others were getting my suitcase.  So I come back, come over to the car.  They had their luggage but they said the airport people said that my luggage was lost.

So I get out of the car, and I go over and I go, “I guess I need new stuff.”

And the guy who’s standing there, the porter, says “Oh my God, I can’t believe your attitude. That’s incredible.”

And I just say, “Well I guess I just need new stuff.”

And he says, “You wouldn’t believe what I hear here every day when this kind of thing happens.”

And I said, “Yeah, I would believe it.” So I go into the baggage area.  I figured I had to fill out some forms or whatever, and I go around the corner and there is my bag. It just appeared.  And the baggage people said, “Oh my God, it wasn’t there a minute ago. Where did it come from?”

So you always get challenges along your path, and you see how you’re going to handle the challenges that come to you.

Well, I had just bought myself a nice car and had got myself a nice loan, and I was happy because this is where I wanted to be.  Turns out my car was taken away from me, it got stolen not three weeks after the purchase.  And I thought, what does this mean?  What does this mean?

There are many other lessons I got from this – but one is that things happen. You get caught up in life, you participate in life, and you can become a statistic.  Ok, I guess I’m a statistic.  And learning how to deal and handle with insurance companies, the whole gamut.

So 30 days go by and I am Just about ready to settle with the insurance company and I get a phone call.  It was the Newark police department, they found the car.   And I just went aww – Ok, I had it resolved within myself, ok, I don’t have that car.  And now I do.

So I am driving to get the car, and I look at my folder that I had all the papers in.  Talk about paperwork.    And I close the folder and I look at it, and it said on the front.  I had written – I didn’t realize I had written until I was driving there – it said “Car Recovery.”  That’s what I wrote on the file with all the paperwork in.  And I didn’t tell people that it was taken.

Imagine that.  My car came back because of the way I handled the situation. And the nicest part was that it was in perfect shape. And almost everything that I had in the car was still there.

Just to repeat myself, everything is a lesson.  Look at all the events in your life and see how you are handling them. What are the events telling you and what are you being told about the way you are handling them.

This is very important because there are no accidents.  So keep looking and learning.

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