How Our Words Impact Our Spiritual Growth

We are able to show the world our true nature by the words that we use. Our words reveal our emotions and our emotions reveal our thoughts. The words that we use and their impact on spiritual growth will be the focus of this article.

Our ideal state is reached through the process of spiritual growth. Our ideal state is when our true nature shines through. And our true nature is that which was given to use by our creator.

The inner beauty of our true nature will shine through only when we remove the filters that block it. What makes up these filters? The filters are made of our thoughts and emotions. Our words are what expresses both our thoughts and emotions.

Why have I chosen to focus on the words that we use? I could easily have focused on thoughts or emotions. I decided that words were the easiest to observe so I decided to choose them for observation. And they are the easiest for others to observe and point out to us.

If your friend says that you seem angry it is not hard to have a different opinion. But if they said that you said “I hate everybody” or “I love everybody” that is difficult to challenge. We are able to see our growth by the words that we use. If you want your life to change then simply change your words.

It is difficult to directly change your thoughts because thoughts are so fleeting. I am sure you have noticed how your thoughts roam from topic to topic. It is very hard to stop them long enough to see what is going on.

The same is true for your emotions. They have a tendency to just jump up and surprise us. By the time we recognize that we are in a strong emotional state, it probably is to late to change it.

Observing words is not the same. You can retract words after you have spoken them. To either reorder the words or change the words altogether. Instead of saying “You make me mad” you could say “What you are doing makes me mad”. These two sentences are very different.

You may wonder how this helps with changing the filters that block our true nature from coming through. Negative emotions are our main filters. Emotions such as fear, hate, jealousy, anger etc… These negative emotions are best replaced with positive emotions such as gratitude, love, patience, kindness etc…

We can replace the negative with the positive by watching our words and what we say. The more positive and uplifting our words become, the more positive and uplifting will our thoughts and emotions become.

The positive will grow as the negative gets cleared away which lets our true nature shine through.

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