Choosing a Spiritual Healer – 4 Critical Questions to Ask

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This article will focus on the sometimes difficult task of choosing a spiritual healer. Depending on where you live your choices may vary between a few healers to hundreds of available practitioners who offer a wide variety of esoteric sounding services.

Although choosing a spiritual healer takes you out of the bounds of the traditional healing arts you do not need to suspend your logic or judgment. Just keep these four questions in mind when choosing a spiritual healer.

1. Friends are a great source of referrals – Talking with friends and family would probably be the first place you would go if you were choosing a doctor or dentist. Why not do the same thing when looking for a spiritual healer. Find out from people that you know if they have had any experience with healers. Ask what results did they get. Did they feel better. What was the healer like. How many times did they go to see them etc…

2. Confidence is ones skills and abilities is important – A money back policy is normal when you purchase most products or services. Is the practitioner you are talking with confident enough in their work to guarantee the results? A guarantee does not mean you have to throw away your crutches in one session but you should feel satisfied with the results. The healers confidence in their work can be a determining factor in whether you see them.

3. How many sessions will be required – Although it is unlikely that the full extent of any healers abilities can be felt in only one session, does the healer give you an idea of how many sessions it will take to clear your immediate problem.

4. There is a common feeling that someone somewhere can make all of our problem completely vanish. What type of results will make you happy with your sessions? Would you be happy if you problem was reduced by 65% after 3 visits? Is it successful enough to say you would like more sessions or is it just enough to say that is all you want and can now function very well.

It is very important to ask the above questions. You are the one in control of your life. Keep these questions in mind when choosing a spiritual healer that you can work with.

Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you may have. And if I can help you with a free mini evaluation please follow this link and fill out the request form.

Peace and Happiness
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD

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