Moving Toward Perfection

There is much worry about spiritual advancement. How do I do it? Am I moving fast enough? What will it feel like?When we evolve we move in the direction of perfection.

What is perfection?
Perfection is the movement and constant flow towards enlightenment.

How does one become enlightened?
The first step is to realize that we are able and have the ability to change our lives at any given moment, we have the power to choose how we evolve. So the first step is knowing. The second step is to accept responsibility for what we have chosen to change and put the steps to get there on a priority list. I suggest that you only list what you want to see change.

You always have the choices
I don’t know how many times people ask if there is one certain way that things need to be done. I tell them that you always have the choice to pick the way. That is why you see so many people struggling to move forward in their lives. They do not realize it is their action that is needed and so they are waiting for someone to give them the answers. The only real answer to anything is to take action. Once you put the thoughts out there then action is the only way to put things in play.

How long would one need to wait for the results of the action step?
I would say if all steps that you thought out were complete that is when you would see the results. Any idea can be successful if only one would put it to action.

Clear receptivity, clear thought, clear action
Time ultimately is only there to provide us with frame work to complete our ideas. We are here to play with as many ideas that we can come up with or receive from our guides. How do you know if the idea is your own or it was received from a guide? All information is sent on an energetic frequency for all to hear. Those tuned into the frequency at the time will get it. It’s like a radio. If your on another channel when an announcement is made you will miss it. But when you are on a channel and you hear an idea that feels right for you. Act quickly! We are always being fed information on the psychic channels. When you are tuned in think it through and write it down. Decide if this is for you. List steps to implement the idea and then if you want to go for it, get going!!

Just remember
Once you have heard it’s a matter of action to fulfill your desires. Now if you want to know how to implement an idea then you will need to ask and then tune into the channel. You do this by calming yourself, being open and asking precisely for what you want. Be attentive to ways in which you might receive your answers.

As I have said
Perfection is the movement and constant evolution towards enlightenment. We have the ability to change our lives at any given moment and we have the power to choose how we evolve. Take charge and choose your steps carefully and put them into decisive action.

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