Financial Freedom Affirmations

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a longing that most of us have. We dream of the days that we can relax and not have to worry about work or how the bills will be paid. We hope to stop worrying about how we will pay for our health care costs and how we are going to have enough money for a comfortable retirement.

The following recording will help you form a clear picture of what you want. Because without this clear picture it will be almost impossible to attain positive results.

An important point to remember about using affirmations successfully is that your body and mind needs to accept them. What do I mean by this.  Well, if you say “I am rich” and your body does not believe you are worthy of being rich or the thought of being rich has a very negative meaning to you then in all likelihood the affirmation of financial freedom will fail.

As you listen to the following affirmation just remember that your mind and body may be fighting against your best intentions. If you find this to be the case, give me a call because I have a lot of experience helping people move through these blocks.

Financial Freedom Affirmation Text:

I’m successful in everything I do.

I’m joyfully receiving wealth and abundance in my life.

I am moving toward revenue.

I am producing money in my life.

It’s great to have money! I’m ready for abundance.

I am a rich individual.

I love the energy of income.

Money enhances my positive power.

I love life.

I’m a loving person.

I am successful and I love it.

I handle all of my finances smartly.

My life is a success-story.

I’m a beautiful, loveable human.

I am successful in everything I execute.

I am willing and daring to go the whole way.

I’ll reach my goals, joyfully and easily.

I invest wisely.

I am always accomplishing my goals in one way or another.

I am joyfully getting wealth and abundance in my life.

I am moving toward income.

I am producing money in my life.

It is great to have income!

I love my self.

I am frugal.

I love all beings on this planet.

I’m so happy to be alive.

I am creating riches to share with the whole world, because it’s my joy to share.

Each day and in every way I am getting better and better with money for financial freedom.

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