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Whenever I read the newspapers or watch TV I am constantly bombarded with ads for prescription medications. There are ads for what seems to be common ailments and ads for conditions I have never heard of. And all of these ads come with a litany of precautions and adverse side effects.

Along with the ads for medications there are countless ads by lawyers advertising class action suits for the extreme and tragic damage some of these drugs have caused.

Although there are many aspects of traditional medicine that I find very useful I do not think it wise to put unquestioning faith in having someone else determine how I maintain my health.

The following affirmation will help you gain the strength to become the master of your own health.

Health and Wellness Affirmations:
I’ve the power to control my health.
I’m in control of my health and wellness.
I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.
I’m healthy in all aspects of my being.
I don’t fear being unhealthy as I know that I control my own body.
I’m always able to maintain my ideal weight.
I’m filled with energy to do all the daily actions in my life.
My mind is at peace.
I love and care for my body and it cares for me.
I’m healthy, happy, and transformed!
I give myself permission to heal.
My natural state is health. I’m cloaked in energy.
My energy field shines with clear brightness.
I’m well in my thoughts and at ease in my body.
I’ve the stamina and energy to do all the things I love!
I’m now perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit.
I feed my body with self-nurturing and fit nutrition.
I’m enjoying optimal health.
I’m rediscovering the art of allowing my natural well being.
My health is excellent and I’m perfectly fit.
I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.
I’ve all levels of energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
I have a fit spirit, mind and body.
I take 4 deep, relaxing breaths at least once each 90 minutes.
I drink a glass of fresh, good water each ninety minutes.
I do sit-ups or push-ups, and yoga upon arising every morning.
I do half-hour of vigorous walking or aerobic exercise daily.
I do strength training (including push-ups and lunges) at least 3 times a week, alternating between the muscles.
I take suitable nutrition for my body and mind.
I’m healthy, happy and radiant.
I am healthy, and full of vitality and energy.
I eat healthy, nutritious and digestible food daily.
I have a healthy heart and a strong set of lungs.
I accept health as my normal state.
Daily in everyway, I am feeling energetic and enthusiastic.
I am feeling better than before.
I’m feeling relaxed, centered, energetic and enthusiastic.
I recharge and renew myself by taking time off for play and relaxation.
I am calm, composed, energetic and enthusiastic.
I take breaks, get up and stretch, have a little snack – to maintain my energy state.
I have a healthy breakfast each morning which replenishes my blood sugar levels.
I’m getting better and better each day.
I’m feeling healthy. I am feeling excellent. I’m feeling great.
I take good care of my health and fitness as health is wealth.
I am increasing all levels of energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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