Why Does Change Take So Long

In my last article I said that I would be writing about methods for creating a new world view.

But before I do that I wanted to take a moment to address the frustration that goes along with the process of change.

In theory, change can be instantaneous. You just decide that your behavior will be different and “puff” you are a new person with new behavior.

Simple, right?

Well the theory is correct, but when reality creeps in things do not work out exactly as theory predicts.

So what is the Problem?

The problem seems to be in two areas.

The first area is in maintaining a conscious connection to what you want to change. Or as people in the meditation world would call it – staying awake through mindfulness meditation.

The second problem area is in breaking ingrained habits.

Both of these problem areas require intense determination to overcome. And both of these problems are tied together.

If you are not able to remember you want to change some specific ingrained reflexive behavior then the likelihood of that behavior changing is very small.

And what will happen is that at the end of the day you will realize that the whole day slipped by without you practicing your new behavior. Or a whole week will slip by.

What to do?

So the real difficult part of the process is remembering that you are in a process.  And to keep that “remembering” constantly in the front of your mind.

With constant attention to changing habits, you will find that they change fairly quickly.

And for those of you that would like a little help in clearly blocks to changing your habits feel free to contact me for a no cost consultation.

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