The Tapestry of Life

tapestry of life

In my last article I was talking about whether the Law of Attraction really works. And the answer that I put forth was that it works or does not work depending on your world view.

I said that if your world view does not allow for the existence of what you are working on then you will have very poor success using the LOA for manifestation.

In that article I gave the classic example of an optimist and a pessimist looking at a glass that is half filled with water. As the examples illustrates, there are two people looking at the exact same thing and have two entirely different interpretations of what they see.

In this article I want to expand on that example to show why I think all of our worlds are personally created and that this personal creation is what make the Law of Attraction successful or not.

An Infinite Number of Worlds

In the optimist vs pessimist example it can be argued that their interpretations are really a result of different personalities rather than anything related to seeing different worlds. I would disagree, but let’s look a little further.

I want you to look at the two pictures below. Many of you may have seen them before but that’s OK. (If you want to see some more interesting pictures just do a search for “figure ground pictures”.)


Depending on how you look at the pictures, the one on the left can be seen either as a vase or two male profiles looking at each other. The picture on the right can be seen either as a young women’s face in profile or as an old women with a large nose.

A psychologist would probably have interpretations concerning which of the pictures “popped” out first. My explanation is much broader.

My explanation says that the world is immensely complex and is made up of an infinite number of these figure ground relationships.

Look at the picture of the fabric at the top of this article. There are a number of different colored threads making up the design. I believe that if I asked 100 people what was the first colored thread that they saw I would get more than a few different answers.

That fabric has less than 20 different colored threads. What would happen if the number of possible variations jumped to 1000 or 100,000 or a million?

And let’s not forget that there are people who see the pattern running left to right and there are those that see the pattern running up and down.

What Does This Mean?

Imagine that the world is made of a figure/ground tapestry of infinite possibilities. And just like the two pictures or the simple tapestry in my illustrations your world view will be the one that “popped” out first.

And that is the world that you live in. It may be the same or it may be very different from the world that the person standing next to you lives in.

  • Now suppose person “A” pops out a world from the tapestry that is all the bright colored threads and all of the bright colored opportunities and all of the bright colored relationships.
  • Now suppose person “B” pops out a world from the tapestry that is all of the dark colored threads and all of the dark colored opportunities and all of the dark colored relationships.
  • Now suppose that both people use the Law of Attraction to manifest a high paying job in a field they like and with people they are happy to work with.
  • Now suppose that both people have studied the LOA and have equal skills in visualization and concentration. And both have a 90% ability to manifest what they want manifested.

Which person do you think will be more successful in the creation of their stated desire?

Person “A” sees a world is filled with opportunity while person “B” sees a world that has very little opportunity.

In my opinion person “A” will find that the Law of Attraction does work and person “B” will likely be disappointed and feel that the Law of Attraction does not work.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, manifesting through the Law of Attraction will only work if the world that you live in contains the raw material from which you can build your dreams.

What to Do

If you believe that the world is made of a figure/ground tapestry of infinite possibilities then the only thing to do is to “pop” out another world view.

Of course this is not that easy to do and takes a lot of dedication and patient practice.

But it can be done.

In my next article I want to discuss some methods of creating a new world view.

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