Super Health at Your Fingertips – Pulse Testing for Allergies

There are many dietary approaches to optimize your health.

If you have looked into the topic at all I am sure you have heard of vegetarianism, raw food diets, fruitarians, macrobiotics, veganism, calorie restriction… and the list can go on and on and on.

One thing that I know about each and every one of these plans is that is that they do not work for everyone. Some people thrive on being “macro” and other thrive on doing raw foods. I find it amazing that dietary choices that are almost exactly opposite each other work well for different people.

So how do you know which plan is right for you. Is there a way to test for which foods help you and which foods hurt you?

Now some of you may be thinking that since one of the things I teach is muscle testing then that is what I am talking about here.

Well, even though muscle testing is something I use all of the time that is not this method.

There was a book written over 50 years ago by Arthur Coca, MD called “The Pulse Test”.

In it Dr. Coca describes a simple method of determining if you have an allergic reaction to certain foods.

In Dr. Coca’s clinical practice he has seen many different conditions relieved with the simple elimination of foods that tested as a “food allergen”.

Some of the many conditions he has seen improve or cured are migraines, eczema, hypertension, hives, dizziness, digestive disorders, tiredness and many more.

Dr. Coca’s book has been out of print for many years. However, I have found a free version in PDF format that you can download and read.

I highly recommend this book. So download it now – The Pulse Test



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