The Power of Positive Energy in Your Life

Many of the topics that I write about are inspired by my work with my clients. When I see the same question coming up in sessions I know that there are many others with similar questions and that the time must be right for me to add an article series to my blog.

Well, lately I have seen a recurring theme from clients, and those new clients requesting evaluations, about there being a lot of negative energy in their lives.

They phrase the problem in different ways … my heart feels heavy, why is my life filled with so many bad

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events, I would like to get rid of these negative feelings, I have bad luck in relationships and with money, I feel this negativity dominating me … I could go on and on but I am sure you get the idea.

Being an energy healer I can see a number of ways to work with these issues. One method is to simply help my client eliminate their negative energy. When I do this, I and my client can see many positive changes take place in their life. The techniques involved are straight forward and the results are quite good even after only a session or two.

And for many clients this is all that is required. They go on with their lives relieved of the burden of the negative energy. Their life improves in many areas.

However, there are many people who not only have negative energy in their lives but also accumulate negative energy.

So for these clients simply removing the negative energy will not be enough. Sure, they will feel better in the short run and many of their problems will temporarily go away. But as time goes on they will again start accumulating negative energy and many of their same problems will reappear.

There can be a number of reasons for the constant accumulation of negative energy which I will discuss in other articles, but one solution for this issue is to teach these clients how to bring positive energy into their lives.

Imagine that your life is a container with a maximum capacity of energy that it can hold. By learning to bring in positive energy there is far less room for the negative energy.

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Bringing positive energy into your life is a skill and like any new skill it needs some practice to develop.

There are several steps in this process. The first step is in removing the negative energy that has been built up over time. This relieves the immediate issues and allows some breathing room to implement new and intentional behavior.

The second step in my work with clients is to unblock the pathways to positive energy. This step makes the final step easier.

If, however, you are not working with a healer then the link to this exercise can help in removing some of the negative energy and help in the unblocking process.

OK, so now we are here at the final piece of the puzzle. Together we have eliminated the negative energy that has been in your life and we have opened the pathways to allow positive energy to flow into your life. Now is the time to fill your life with positive energy.

This step has two components. The first component is a short and simple meditation. You can do this meditation any time of the day when it is possible to have 10 minutes of uninterrupted time.

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For this meditation you can sit comfortably or lay down. The first step is to close your eyes and take 9 deep breaths. On the exhale of each of these breaths you want to feel the tension leave your body. So that after the 9th exhale you can feel very relaxed and comfortable.

To bring unlimited amounts of positive energy into your life I want you to

  • First picture a night sky filled with millions upon millions of bright shining stars
  • Now I want you to imagine that each of these shining points of light is a vast energy source
  • Now I want you to picture a golden thread of energy coming out of each of those shining energy sources
  • Now imagine that those millions upon millions of energy threads come down and surround your body in a cocoon of light and energy
  • To increase your positive energy just hold this cocoon image for the remainder of the 10 minutes. As you do this meditation on a daily basis you will feel the cocoon becoming stronger and its energy flowing into your body and energy field.

The second component is very easy to do. Every time you notice that you are having negative thoughts just stop for a second and bring in the energy cocoon that wraps you in unlimited positive energy.

I use the term “bring in” instead of visualize because you will actually be bringing into your energy field the star energy that you have been working with in your meditations.

The more times that you can catch your negative thoughts and replace them with your source of unlimited energy the more positive change you will see in your life.

The above exercise is designed to eliminate negative energy in your life so that you can have the happiness that you desire and deserve.

If you do the exercise regularly you will see change happen.

If you feel that it would be easier to have help to bring in this unlimited positive energy then feel free to contact me for a no obligation no cost evaluation.

Peace and Happiness



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