Getting Slimed – Negative People and Negative Energy

In a recent post I wrote about the Power of Positive Energy and how as an energy healer I am able to help my clients rid themselves of negative influences and bring positive energy into their lives.

One of the ideas that I put forward in that article (see quote below) was that even after removing negative energy from a client there are many clients who then go on and continue to accumulate new negative energy.

However, there are many people who not only have negative energy in their lives but also accumulate negative energy.

So for these clients simply removing the negative energy will not be enough. Sure, they will feel better in the short run and many of their problems will temporarily go away. But as time goes on they will again start accumulating negative energy and many of their same problems will reappear.

This becomes a serious problem for this person’s health and well being.

I had said that there are a number of reasons this re-accumulation of negative energy can happen. And in this article I want to touch on one of these reasons.

As I Call It – Getting Slimed

I got the expression “getting slimed” from an old movie called GhostBusters. In it our heroes run into a negative ghost and they come out of the scene dripping in gooey negative energy plasma.

That is exactly what I see on someone who has run into a highly negative person. They have all of this negative goo all over themselves.

So there you are, all happy and feeling on top of the world. And who do you run into but “mister negativity”. And all you hear from him is about his bad job, and crummy boss and bad economy. Or you run into “miss angry at you” and you get told about all of the things you have done wrong.

And what happens to you? Or at least what happens to some of my clients who tend to re-accumulate negative energy?

They get slimed. They get covered with this negativity and it starts weighing them down. And once they start accumulating this negative energy then more negative energy starts sticking to them like flies on fly paper.

And the more negative energy they accumulate the less room there is for positive energy to get into their life.

What To Do When You Get Slimed

When you run into these negative forces the ideal thing would be to be able to stop them from entering your energy field. But this is not always possible.

I remember the other day I started to feel really bad and started having these negative thoughts and feelings. I reviewed my day and realized I had been with someone who I did not think I needed to protect myself from. But sure enough, when I looked at the energy of the situation there is was – A big gigantic sliming.

The following exercise will help get rid of the day to day minor sliming that you will run into. For major long term attacks it will almost always be necessary to work with an energy healer. These types of energy attacks are more complicated to untangle.

But for minor sliming simply work with this exercise:

Allow about 10 to 15 minutes for this exercise

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet spot.
  • Take several deep breaths and with each breath relax your mind and body.
  • Picture a solid circle of light at your feet.
  • When you look down at the circle picture it start to spin in a clockwise direction.
  • Picture the spinning increasing in speed and growing into a tornado like vortex.
  • Now picture the spinning energy vortex slowly rising up your body.
  • As the circles spins and rises up your body it starts to collect the slime that is on your body.
  • As the vortex of spinning light passes your shoulders and head then consciously send the vortex out into space taking the slime with it.
  • Feel free to repeat this procedure several times to make sure you get all the negative energy that was on your body.

That’s It

If you do the exercise on bringing positive energy into your life and then follow it with this exercise of removing negative energy you should be well on your way to having a powerful positive outlook on life.

Remember that negative energy can sneak up on you. Doing these exercises several times a week will ensure that you stay slime free.

However, if you find that these exercises are not enough to lift your spirits by removing slime from your life then please contact me for a no cost mini session and evaluation to see if it would be beneficial for us to work together.

Peace and Happiness


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