Meditation and Healing

mediation and healing

Meditation has had significant effects on many kinds of health related issues. Many scientific studies and the medical records of long term meditators  proves that for healing it can be a powerful tool in solving many health issues. This is why many non Buddhists are embracing meditation as a means to better health and life. Thousands of medical practitioners are now including it as part of the medication process that patients should undergo in order to recover from their health problems. In this article, you will discover the top three types of meditations that are used for healing and the top five benefits in the healing practice.

The Top 3 Types of Meditations Used for Healing

There are many types of meditations used for healing. However the top three are chakra healing, transcendental meditation and the Buddhist meditation. We shall look at them one after the other.

Chakra meditation

Many people believe that when the chakras are not properly aligned or when they are blocked, the blockage is manifested in the physical body as ill-health. The health problem will be noticed in the body area where the chakra that controls that area is blocked. Chakra meditation is used to re-align and clear any chakra that is blocked. One of the chakra meditations used to unblock the chakras is by visualizing a white light as it flows into your body. You will visualize it coming into your body, energizing each chakra and balancing and healing each chakra. After doing chakra balancing, many people discover that their symptoms of ill health normally go away after some time of consistent practice.

Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation has been practiced by many people and is reported to confer many health benefits after consistent practice. People who want to practice transcendental meditation enroll in a seven-step guided course. It basically involves sitting quietly and bringing thoughts that cause stress and anxiety under control. Transcendental meditators can withstand frustration and have more tolerance to every day challenges. Some of the health issues that have been taken care of by this practice include high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, cardio vascular diseases and cancer.

Buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation also has significant health benefits when used for healing. By sitting quietly in the proper posture your body gets aligned in the right way. When you concentrate and stay focused on your breathing, mantra or light, you take your mind away from your illness and refocus it on positive thoughts. When done regularly, the practice helps to heal you from whatever health problems you may have.

Now that you have seen the top three types of meditation used for healing, let’s explore the top five benefits of this healing practice.

The Top 5 Benefits of a Healing Meditation Practice

Healing meditation practice has many health benefits for people who practice them. The top five benefits include better overall health, lower medical expenses, balancing of the chakras, longer life span and greater achievements in life. Let’s explore how each of these benefits can help you.

Better overall health

Stress, anxiety and blood pressure are health problems that have been known to lead to so many other health problems. Meditation directly influences and balances these conditions. During a deep meditative state, your brain waves will be in alpha. This state affects the nervous system and other body functions and helps the body system to rejuvenate and reduce negative effects from your body. Regular meditation will eventually result in better health because stress, anxiety, panic and high blood pressure will hardly be associated with you again.

Balancing of the chakras

Most experienced meditators know that a balanced chakra system will always affect your overall quality of life. This is because your health, your relationship with others, your emotions and your relationship with God will always be at the peak when your chakras are balanced. Chakra healing will help you to achieve total balance in all aspects of your life.

Lower medical expenses

Everyone knows that when you are not sick you will not pay medical expenses. When you don’t pay medical expenses you save money and use it for better things that will help you. This is one of the reasons why healing meditation is very helpful.

Longer life span

Sickness that is not well taken care of can result to protracted illness which can eventually kill anyone. This means people who should have lived longer will die before their time if they don’t manage their health properly. Healing meditation has been known to assist people to live longer because it helps the body to heal itself faster. When combined with medical help the results are a better and longer life span.

Greater achievements in life

Most people have dreams of the future but most people cannot fulfill their dreams because of one health condition or the other. Once you practice healing meditation regularly, you will find yourself in better health and you will be in a condition to achieve anything you want in life.

Meditation can truly help you achieve better health. You have seen the top three types that are used for healing and the top five benefits. This knowledge will help you to take meditation more seriously from now on.

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