Guided Meditation

guided meditation

Guided meditation is a type of meditation in which your mind follows a laid down structure that will bring you to your desired outcome of deep relaxation, contemplation and reflection. To do this, you need to be guided by someone or by using standard meditation scripts that will gently lead you through each stage of the meditation process. When you are guided by someone, especially if that person is a qualified person, the person can help to point out areas of your life where you have problems and then advise you on the best meditation script to use in order to have that problem solved.

Guided meditation is useful for beginners who are just learning how to meditate and for people who are finding it hard to concentrate and focus during meditation. It will help you to stay focused and slip into your subconscious more easily, where you can  enjoy deep relaxation and happiness. One good thing about guided meditation is that it is user friendly and can help you to meditate at any time. There are many audio and video guided meditation scripts on CDs which you can use. You can even read one out and record it, or you can ask a friend to read it out so you can record it for your use anytime.

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation leads your mind and its imaginative capabilities on a specific journey in order to achieve your meditation objectives. This could be relaxation, relief from stress, pain, illness and better quality of life. Once you get better at meditating, you can be more flexible in making meditation choices. The different types of meditation follow a certain style and structure. It is this structure that is referred to as guided meditation. Some guides will use imagery, while others will use breathing and body sensations. Still, some will direct the student to form their own images in the mind. Most of these techniques fall under the category of simple meditation.

One can be guided by following an organized structure that is professionally laid out in subliminal tapes and videos. You must be sure of the meditation style you want to use before going this route. Whatever the case, the final outcome should be that you achieve physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of meditation.

Is Guided Meditation Good for Deep Relaxation?

When you combine guided meditation styles that involve focusing on breathing, with those involving concentrating on each area of your body one after the other; such as in progressive muscle relaxation technique, you can be sure that you will end up enjoying a deep relaxation experience.

Can You Use Guided Meditation for Health?

Guided meditation has many purposes, including relaxation, stress relief, healing and promoting self-improvement. This is often seen in Chakra meditation where many use guided meditation to find a high form of enlightenment through the use of human energy. You can use guided meditation to ease tension and fatigue as well as toning muscles, reducing weight and lowering blood pressure. There are many other health benefits that guided meditation can help with. The key is to do it regularly so that the effects can last long.

You have seen that guided meditation following a structure that will enable you to achieve your desired goal. You have also seen how guided meditation can help you to achieve deep relaxation and good health. You can use what you have discovered to concentrate better while meditating in general.

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