Throat Chakra

Ways of Balancing the Throat Chakra


In order to balance this chakra a qualified healer is normally the best one to advise you on the best type of balancing technique that is available.

Other things that you can do on your own to achieve balance include engaging in daily singing, chanting, humming, toning and overtone chants.

The yoga style is mantra while the suitable poses include the headstand, the lion, the shoulder stand, the plough, the camel and the fish.

When trying to balance through sound the best musical note for this chakra is G.

In nature, viewing the ocean and blue sky go a long way to help balance this chakra. Professional help will normally outline the best balancing method for you step by step.

Now that you have learned the things associated with the throat chakra, together with the characteristics of the balanced and unbalanced states, you should try to seek qualified help in achieving balance in order to enjoy the full benefits of a balanced throat chakra.

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