Crown Chakra

Ways of Achieving a Balanced Crown Chakra


The negative effects of an unbalanced crown chakra are not what many people like to live with. This is why they seek to balance their chakras. Experts reveal that to start the balancing process, you must first seek out a proper diagnoses to ensure that your crown chakra is actually unbalanced and the extent of balancing needed. This step is important in order to avoid the effects of excess energy.

The crown chakra can be balanced through prayer and meditation, colour and sound therapy and chakra meditation. Since the vortices rotate at certain frequencies, they resonate with musical notes that make the chakra achieve balance. The musical note for balancing crown chakra is B. The Tibetan Bowl is one of the music sounds that help to achieve this balance. In nature, viewing the mountain tops helps a lot. In yoga poses the lotus, the headstand and all meditation poses help. A daily head message is a good way to achieve balance.

The above few highlighted points hopefully have given you a better understanding of the crown chakra. You have read about the things that are identified with it, the characteristics of a balanced and unbalanced crown chakra and ways of achieving balance. If you work with a professional, you will be able to reap the positive benefits of a balanced crown chakra and achieve your life’s purpose of experiencing divine meaning to life.

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