4 Part Guided Visualization

As we go through life we find ourselves accumulating unwanted baggage.

I am not talking about the clutter in your attic or even those extra pounds around your middle.

I am talking about unresolved, stored emotional baggage, negative and nagging thoughts that bring you down and physical issues that will not heal or respond to treatment.

These are the things that weigh upon us as we live our lives.

These are the things that become burdens that restrict our freedom of choice. These are the things that condition us to act in ways we do not find satisfying.

It is the goal of this meditation series to teach you methods to process this clutter so that you may live a freer life and have more choices.

Workshop Outline:
  • Introduction to energy bodies
  • Introduction to chakras
  • What are energy blocks
  • What does it mean to "process" experiences
  • Demo of energy block removal
  • Series of meditation focusing on the 4 bodies