I learned so much about myself and others using the ‘Ultimate Health and Healing System’. It shows us our hidden strengths and how to become balanced in any given situation. When I work on other people applying this method, they usually feel energized, centered and more relaxed. You are witnessing the accumulated ‘load on their backs’ disappear and their faces become lighter and peaceful.

One woman that came had difficulties getting on the massage table because of her back pain. After only a short session she could move around without pain. The interesting thing was that I never even touched her back. She was still pain free after a couple of weeks.

I always wished to be able to help somebody in an emergency situation. When I was with a friend one day, all of a sudden she became very anxious and told me she couldn’t breathe properly. She tried several times but couldn’t get enough air into her lungs and she almost panicked. I tested and found that her diaphragm was blocked. Within a few minutes I was able to correct it and show her how to breathe the right way. She is doing the breathing exercises on a regular basis now which makes her feel more calm and confident to handle a situation like this on her own. This is truly God’s work. Gabrielle M.

I feel very empowered by the knowledge and techniques I've learned. I can make positive choices for myself and my family. I've become much more aware of what stressors are in my life and now have tools to reduce those on my own. I can check my intuition which has eliminated self-doubt, wondering if this is really intuition or just wishful thinking. I am not wasting expensive vitamins, because now I can test and see if my body needs them each day. I'm often very surprised at the answers I get! I have found kinesiology to be an invaluable tool for my life in all areas. I use it for everything! I've even taught my 12-year-old son to use it, and he enjoys it as well. I love the techniques and meditations that keep me centered and feeling peaceful and balanced. I can now release stress in a minute or so! I have gained a self-assurance with these techniques that feels really good! I feel more in control of my life because I can make informed and positive changes and choices relating to food, environment, when to do something or not, what's best for me or whoever I'm testing for. I'm very grateful for these teachings!!! Lisa A.

You empowered me in unimaginable ways. The healing work you've taught me has literally transformed our family life. I can stop reactions within minutes, as opposed to my son acting out and feeling awful and behaving awful for days. I feel that this is going to help give our son's immune system the time it needs to heal and strengthen. Additionally, it's helping to lesson the stress load of our day to day family life tremendously. I frequently thank God for leading us to you, especially today when I was able to do a balance on my son today with a brain allergy . He was a MESS. He was sobbing and telling me he's having a reaction and has the "invisible crankies" and was sorry for how he was acting.

Used my intuition, then muscle tested and found what was wrong. It took a few hours before it came to me, but at least when it did, I was able to help him (and us). Anyway, I was quite smitten with myself I have to say, as was my husband. After the balancing, his face went back to normal and he transformed back into our sweet little boy.

What a gift you have given to me and my family. You have also helped me to take care of myself better, which in turn is making me a better person, wife and mother. Thank you so very much! Sherri B.

What I learned in class was if you seek you will find. By that I mean I wanted so badly to learn kinesiology to help myself in my health and also anyone along the way that perhaps I could help. Mostly this class has taught me the power is within and you were the guide chosen to help myself and the others to be empowered. To do the best we can to keep ourselves in balance., through muscle testing whereas various items , issues, experiences, colors will either bring us up or bring us down. We have learned to test if we are grounded and if not the various ways to achieve this. We learned about super foods for our body, to eat raw live foods, to make sprouts of various kinds, making sun water, to be able to balance our roles in life through visual imagery and how to Meditate and relax the body. Also, how to check for static in our energy field and if there is static , to rid of it. All of these have empowered us to live in this world with its many challenges and to be a balance between heaven and earth. Thank you Janet for being our guide and teacher. Peace and joy Ro

The class sessions have opened my mind to variety of interesting factors. These include chakras, auras, proper nutritional foods, and the vital energy of foods. I have learned how to stimulate the endocrine system. How to live life fully open to nature's way. How to help open minded people live a richer, more enjoyable life.

Some things that interest me are: health, peace of mind, relationships, spiritual growth, emotional development, and stress reduction. This class provides techniques to resolve many questions surrounding these issues.

Personally, my goals are to help others as much as I can. Learning the value of proper nutritional foods and foods for higher living has been the most satisfying facit of my development. The practice of testing the vibrational energy in food has enabled me to better choose which foods are best to eat.

Learning how to test for weaknesses in other people and the knowledge to help them correct the deficiencies has given me greater confidence in my ability to help others. I would recommend this class to any person who has a willingness to grow and become all that they can be. Namaste, Nicholas

For me, I have gotten clarity in my body which is carrying over into my life. I have gotten a new knowledge that is helping me help my children and friends. I am making my life easier to live, with more joy and love. I feel more whole, complete and present then ever before in my life. These are tools everyone of us should have. Thanks Susan