Spiritual Healing in Your Life

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The term ‘spiritual healing’ is a broad one, and it is understandable that this term may have a variety of meanings for different people. However, all such definitions will have a few fundamental things in common.

  • This type of healing is essentially non-physical in nature but may gradually lead to physical and health benefits
  • It is a process in which a person aims to be whole and complete
  • It is generally aligned in finding and celebrating your purpose in life

How does it work?

In order to fully understand how this enlightening and healing process truly works, there are several essential truths that you must keep in mind.

The Source of Healing Power

This type of healing makes use of spiritual energy, and this unique and powerful form of energy comes from a higher being. Although you’ll likely seek help from a spiritual healer, it doesn’t mean that the latter is the source of the healing energy itself. Rather, spiritual healers act as channels or vessels for healing energy. More importantly, the beautiful thing about this entire process is that anyone with a true desire to help and heal themselves and others may work at becoming spiritual healers themselves.

Indirectly Working with Physical Problems

Spiritual healing is not meant to directly cure cancer or some other kind of pathological disease. However, if your migraines or your stomachache is rooted in an underlying spiritual issue then this type of healing will eventually get rid of the physical symptoms that were manifested in our life by your spiritual problems.

Patience over Time

As mentioned several times earlier on, this type of healing is a process. As the saying goes, a leopard can’t change his spots overnight. Likewise, a man cannot change his heart or spirit in an instant either. Cleansing your life requires constant spiritual practice such as mediation and daily affirmations. There may be times that you’ll find yourself stumbling, but don’t let that stop you. It’s all part of the journey. What matters is getting back on your feet and moving forward.

7 Keys to Preparing for Spiritual Healing

The seven keys listed below are meant to put you in the best possible position for opening yourself to powerful spiritual energy which you can use to heal your own spiritual problems and, maybe later on, those troubling other people as well.

You are one with Spirit.

Accepting that a higher being exists in this world – in this realm or universe – is just the start. You must also similarly accept that you are a part of that higher being. You came from it and as such you will always be a part of it as well. There is a little bit of divine power in every individual in this world because all of us come from one true, great, and powerful source.

Bad versus good energy

Not all types of energy are beneficial. Evil is an energy on its own, and it is one you should consistently work hard to ward off and prevent from infesting your mind, body, and spirit. Evil takes on many forms, including but not limited to words, thoughts or feelings. Anything negative in nature is rooted in evil and must be avoided at all cost for it is counterproductive to spiritual healing.

Acceptance of imperfections

It is pointless to blame yourself when you make a mistake or you realize a weakness in yourself. If you wish to rectify the past or eliminate your shortcomings, then you must first find the courage to face them. Avoid pointing blame and instead strive to accept the instances you may have been lacking. From there you can move on to determining the best possible way to turn weaknesses into strengths.

The power of truth

Haven’t you heard of the phrase, “the truth shall set you free”? Indeed, no truer words have been spoken. The power of truth is so great that it can put a stop to all negative feelings such as envy, vengeance, and rage. Truth is one of your best defenses against evil and the sooner you know and accept this  the better your life will be.


Never stop questioning yourself about the rights and wrongs of your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Examine yourself at all times so that you do not become spiritually complacent and put yourself in harm’s way.

The blaming game

No matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter what challenges or hurdles you have to overcome, always remember that resolving your problems does not entirely depend on finding an external cause. Rather, you must keep in mind that many problems may be avoided simply by looking inside yourself and doing what you can to change your thoughts and feelings.


Spiritual healing is rooted in your faith or personal belief. An individual’s faith means something more than their religious affiliation. Rather, it is what defines you as good and what will help heal your inner pain and distress. With a strong grounding in faith, you already have the building blocks for self healing and the potential to become a spiritual healer yourself.

It is not always easy to see yourself clearly and to independently make necessary changes in your life.

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Peace and Happiness
Dr. Janet Erickson, DD

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