Integration as a Way to Spiritual Growth – Podcast

We all learn new things almost every day of our lives.

Some of what we learn is purely mechanical. Such as learning a new technique on the computer. This type of skill gets better with practice and generally there is no internal conflict over what is learned.

Some of what we learn falls in the area of personal growth. We may have learned an aspect of how to be a better friend or partner. We may have learned ways to meditate or calm our spirit.

Most learning that falls under the general category of personal growth or spiritual growth tends to raise some form of internal conflict. The conflict generally is around the integration of this new learning because it differs from our accepted views of ourselves or of the world.

That is why it is very important to integrate any new spiritual learning. The following guided meditation does just that. You will be shown a method that speeds up the integration process and makes new learning easily accessible. Without internal conflicts arising.

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