How to Meditate for Beginners

meditation beginners

When it comes to learning how to meditate, the following is what every beginner should know. There are different meditation techniques and the ways each of them is done is also different. A beginner should therefore select the meditation technique which they are most comfortable with. Keep reading to discover things that are important while learning how to meditate. Particularly, you will learn about the best sitting position, how best to breathe and an easy way to silence your conscious mind. This will help every beginner who wants to learn how to meditate to do so without problems.

What is the Best Sitting Position?

When meditating a proper sitting position is very important. This is because your sitting position will determine how long you stay in meditation and how focused you will be. If you sit in a position where your back aches, your concentration will be affected. You may find your concentration wandering away from meditation to how your body feels. This is not proper. A sitting position on a mat with your legs crossed in a half lotus is a preferable position. It will not only enhance your concentration but will also help you stay awake and avoid drowsiness during meditation.  Having a firm base with your legs crossed is important in helping you maintain a straight upright posture. The right posture is easy and comfortable. You almost feel like you are floating. An upright sitting position also helps to make you breath properly while meditating.

How Best to Breathe

With good posture, it will be easier to breathe as your lungs will have more room to expand. One of the easiest things beginners can do is learning to control breathing. Proper inhaling and exhaling should be done using abdominal breathing and the body should be relaxed.  Learning abdominal breathing is an article and course by itself. But understand that it is important and worth researching.  Beginners may find it easier to count their breaths. Try counting your breath from 1 to 10, and then simply start again at 1. This is the best way to stay focused. By staying focused, you will see that it will start becoming easier to control your thoughts.

An Easy Way to Slow Down Your Thoughts

If you find your mind is wandering here and there while trying to meditate, try not to condemn or beat yourself up about it. Wandering aimlessly is the normal state of the untrained mind. This is the first lesson many people learn in meditation and it is a valuable one. An easy way to slow down thoughts while meditating is to simply, gently, invite your attention back to your breath, remembering that you’ve just started on this path. Becoming aware of your wandering mind is a good thing and not a failure. Once your thoughts are slowed down, you will find yourself being able to focus and with time you will reap the benefits.

You’ve seen how important it is to meditate. You’ve also seen that the correct sitting position and the best way to breathe contribute a lot. When you slow down your thoughts you will find yourself seeing the world in a very different way.

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