Core Requirement for Ultimate Health and Healing - Muscle Testing

The muscle testing 12-hour series of lessons forms the core of the Ultimate Health and Healing System.

It is vitally important to be able to tap into your body's innate knowing, to have your body tell you what is beneficial for you and what will hurt you. This is the basic goal of my muscle testing course.

In this series you will learn the history and theory of muscle testing.

You will be exposed to different methods of muscle testing and discover the appropriate use of each method.

Muscle testing protocols will be discussed as well as how they apply to the different body systems.

You will learn to test your reactions to substances on the physical plane. Some of these tests will include testing foods, supplements, clothing material, cosmetics, cell phones and computers.

You will also receive training on testing for emotional issues. You will see how different emotions affect your body. Emotions such as love, anger, grief, self doubt and others will be tested for.

You will come to understand what a vital role thoughts play in your well being. You will learn to test for limiting words such as try and should. You will also learn to test for power words such as "I AM" and gratitude.

Once a basic level of competence is acquired with muscle testing, you will start to learn basic corrections for some of the "muscle weak" responses that you received.

Additionally, once this basic level of competence is acquired, you will learn about the theory of intuition and how muscle testing forms the core to our future intuitive abilities.

Upon completion of the muscle testing module, you will know how to move through life with greater ease. You will know what enhances your life and makes you stronger, and what detracts from your life and makes you weaker.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of this course. If desired, a Certificate of Competency will be awarded with the successful completion of a written and oral exam.