Introduction to Intuitive Cooking

Most people love food and love to eat. It is common to hear the expression - "I live to eat".

As times change and as we learn that some foods can hurt us, we are also learning that food can be our best "medicine".

Is it possible to use food not just to feel better but to feel GREAT, FABULOUS and REJUVENATED?

The answer to that question is what you will learn in the series of classes on Intuitive Eating.

The goal of Intuitive Eating is to teach you to be able to easily prepare great tasting, nutritious, eye-appealing food that will radically change the way you and your family feel.

Join us for our introductory series of 5 classes where you will quickly learn how to choose the best food to prepare for each and every meal.

In the classes, you will watch the preparation of different breakfasts, lunches, desserts, drinks and snacks. And the best part is that you will also get to sample everything that is prepared. YUMMM!!

Imagine eating desserts and snacks that are healthy, simple to make and that you love giving to your family.

Join us for this exciting series of classes. We are limiting the size of each class to make sure that everybody has enough time to ask questions and learn what is needed to prepare these great tasting and healthy meals.

Join us on a class-by-class basis or take advantage of our series discount.

Great drinks, hot soups and morning meals will make you look at the lowly blender in a whole new light. Learn about the different types of blenders and what nutritional treasures can be unlocked by using the correct blender.

Fruit and vegetable juices are super charged with vitamins and minerals that are quickly absorbed into your body. What is just as important is that they taste great. You will learn how to prepare a number of great tasting fruit and vegetable drinks that your family will rave about.

Now we're talking. Finally! How great are desserts. Well, how about a non dairy "ice cream" sunday to die for. Or a chocolate pudding with a crazy secret ingredient. These are just two of the desserts you will love to serve your family.

Whether you are on the run during the week or want a big weekend meal, these breakfast recipes will amaze you. Hot cereal, waffles and protein drinks are some of the delicious breakfasts that await you and your family.

Lunch can be the hardest meal of all. Most of us eat out at work or our kids eat in the school lunch room. You will learn a number of easy to make and filling lunches that not only taste great but can save you a lot of money compared to eating out.