Change Your Mind - Change Your Life

There are many different answers to the question "What do you want in life?".

"I want a great relationship," " I want better health" or "I want more money" are but a few of the answers that are given.

When you look at all the answers, they really can be summed up in one phrase: "I Want To Be Happy".

And that is what this workshop is all about: how to get rid of the negative and to be happy.

The "Secret" became a very popular book and DVD, but there really is no secret to this method. It has been expressed hundreds, maybe thousands, of times from the days of the ancient Greeks, in the bible and even in modern day books such as "Think and Grow Rich".

The process begins in your mind, because it is your mind that lays the foundation of how you perceive and create your world.

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life will lay out the exact process you can follow to achieve your goals and the fulfillment of your fundamental desires.

Workshop Outline:
  • See the physical effects of our words
  • See actual different world views
  • Learn how to determine the effects of words
  • What are your specific limiting words and power words
  • Experience a powerful clearing meditation
Join us in this exciting process!