Habits and Subconscious Affirmations

Many meditations masters tell us that we are going about our lives in a state of sleep.

What they mean is that we are on auto pilot. We are functioning in a habitual manner.

If this is the case, then it becomes very important to “wake up”. And to wake up we need to start breaking our ingrained habits.

The following affirmation/meditation will help you with this process. You can also follow the audio with the transcript below.

Because habits are difficult to break feel free to contact me for a free evaluation of your situation.

All habits in my life story are health-giving.
All my habits are favorable and beneficial.
All my habits support me in favorable ways.
Altering my behavior is as simple as changing my thoughts.
Daily, I am gaining more control over my past habits.
Every time I challenge a past habit, I feel a greater sense of control and self-regard.
Each day I’m developing new and positive habits.
I constantly do what is best for my body.
I constantly exercise discretion in all that I do.
I’m always adding favorable new rituals to my daily routine.
I’m altering my habits by altering my thoughts.
I am altering my life for the better.
I’m cleansing myself from all past habits.
I am totally committed to living a life free from bad habits.
I am ultimately free!
I am forever grateful to finally be free from damaging habits.
I’m free from the control of addictions.
I am in utter control of all the habits in my life.
I’m in control of each aspect of my life.
I am in control of my life.
I’m the master of my habits.
I control all my impulses.
I’m learning to override past habitual behaviors.
I am learning to take charge of my habits.
I am now free from all compulsions.
I’m strong enough to overpower any habit.
I am stronger than any dependency.
I’m stronger than any habit.
I am the master of my brain and body.
I’m very proud of my healthy life-style.



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