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Exercises for Stress Relief

December 14th, 2011 by

Recently I have been writing on different aspects of natural stress relief. I have covered energy healing and herbs as excellent ways to promote natural stress relief. In this article I want to look at different exercises and their effects on our levels of stress.

As a general rule most people think of exercise in the conventional sense of running, jumping, lifting weights, swimming and different types of aerobics.

While these exercises do have physical benefits their stress relief benefits are limited. They do provide some stress relief in terms of pure exertion and pumping up your metabolism. But they don’t teach your body to shed stress nor do they teach your body to block stress before it has a chance to get get past your defenses.

So what exercises do work to keep you stress free.

Not to keep you in suspense, the exercises fall under the categories of yoga, breath work, internal martial arts and meditation.

If you are not familiar with these types of exercises I think you will be very surprised at how effective they are in relieving stress and in protecting your body from new stressors.

What I would like to do is recommend some websites that discuss these types of exercises and also show you examples of different basic exercises that you can practice at home.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

The breathing exercise featured in this post is the basic approach to cyclic breathing. A very good method and certainly easy for beginners.

Stress Relief Breathing Exercise


When Dr. Andrew Weil spoke to my class at Integrative Nutrition in 2010, my favorite part (besides learning about the magical powers of turmeric) was the breathing exercise he taught us. I meant to write about it immediately,

Here are a number of simple exercises to help relieve stress.

6 Breathing Therapy Exercises for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress


There are multiple researches and approaches on how to let your breathing to improve your mood, release your stress and anxiety, and allow functioning better in daily life. We will provide several examples of the exercises,

And the last article of this section on basic breathing techniques for relieving stress is on alternate nostril breathing.

The Art Of Solar And Lunar Breathing | Ayurvedic Diet & Recipes


One way to get into this blissful, aware state is through solar and lunar breathing; otherwise known as alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodanna.

Yoga Exercises for Stress Relief

Yoga provides a unique method of stress relief. By linking the mind and the body you are able to relax both and therefore ward off the debilitating effects of stress.

The following websites offer a number of different basic poses to help with the process.

Best Yoga For Stress Relief – How To Relieve Stress With Yoga


We are living in a world where stress is an integral part of our daily lives. Being a silent killer, the dangers of constant stress cannot be ignored at all.

The Health Benefits of Yoga an Alternative Medicine | MTM Blog


Traditional yoga philosophy requires that students adhere to this mission through behavior, diet and meditation. But if you're just looking for better stress management — whether because of life's daily hassles or a health

top 10 reasons to try yoga « keep it skinny


I started doing yoga 3 years ago, and I am hooked. Yoga has completely changed my body. Right now, I am doing a personal 30-day yoga challenge… Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga: 1. Stress Relief. The practice

Meditation Exercises for Stress Relief

Overview of Meditation for Stress Management | Healthmeup.com


Meditation is any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefits. It is generally an inwardly oriented, personal practice, which individuals can

Vipassana Meditation – Chiselling the Walls of Illusion | The Stress


Vipassana Meditation – Chiselling the Walls of Illusion. Article by Vijay Raisinghani. More than 2500 years ago, the Great Enlightened Master – Gautama Buddha gave the world a beautiful meditation technique. That wonderful technique of

Kill stress with Mindfulness Meditation | Meditation Techniques and


Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life – Danzae Pace Lets be.

Tai Chi for Stress Relief

Exploring Tai Chi | World News Gathered & Syndicated


Traditional Tai Chi consists of the long form and short form. The long form has nearly one hundred ten positions, while the short form consists of less than forty. Stretches are believed to be able to help relieve pain and stress

Tai Chi for Relaxation and Stress Relief


Tai Chi is no exception. Tai Chi presents techniques that will promote relaxation and relieve stress, through the use of 'mind/body' therapy. Tai Chi techniques are perfect for people, who cannot stay in a seated position for long for

Compact Tai Chi for Healing in Yang Style Taiji YouTube

Natural Stress Relief – The Energy Healing Way

November 22nd, 2011 by
natural stress relief

When I work with my clients, one topic that always comes up is what to do with stress.

Now this is not the good stress that motivates us to higher goals and achievements – this is the stress that tears you down, day in and day out.

All stressors are not created equal and in fact stress comes in two distinct forms.

Types of Stress

There is the stress of daily life. You know the everyday things that pull us in one direction and then the other.

Worry about jobs, financial matters, how are the kids doing, what is up with my partner, what will that doctors visit tell me. And on and on and on.

Everybody has this kind of stress and there are many techniques to learn to deal with it.

We hear about doing relaxation exercises, yoga, drinking herbal teas, taking “me” time and of course stopping in at the doctor’s office for a prescription.

And all of these methods have different degrees of success. Especially when coupled with modest life style changes that help reduce some of the incoming stress.

Then there is the stress on the body that comes from past events.

This is a type of stress that is much more difficult to deal with using conventional self help techniques.

This type of stress comes from events where something or some things have happened to you or from areas in your life where you feel you have failed.

You may have been raised in an abusive environment. You may be married in an abusive environment. You may have felt that you made many mistakes in raising your children or in making career and financial choices.

When added together, the list of stressors that my clients tell me about is quite extensive.

But the one thing these stressors all have in common is that they cause havoc on your physical and emotional well being.

The fastest way to remove these stressors is to see a qualified energy healer and simply have the stressors removed. I do it all the time for my clients.

Embedded Stress

What happens is that past stresses or traumas get embedded into your energy field and cause the energy flow in that area to become stagnated.

Now what usually happens is that since these blockages are generally so long term they have been incorporated into your reaction patterns and feel “normal”.

But they are anything but normal. They may be usual. They may be familiar. They may be comfortable, but normal – no.

When you have energy that is stagnated in a certain area of your energy field it like having knots in a muscle.

If you have a knot in your back muscle it may be hard or impossible to turn or bend in a certain direction. You become limited in the way your body responds. And you are forced to move in a way that may not be the best for the situation.

The same is true for blocks in your energy field. You may be in an emotional situation that would have you react with kindness and compassion but your energetic blocks force you to move in the direction of suspicion and fear. Not good.

Anything that causes you to react in a forced manner is stressful. And long term stress shows itself in your physical body, in your emotional well being and in your spiritual openness.

What Does This Mean

The conventional method of relieving stress induced by trauma is to either use medication or to embark on a course of talk therapy with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist.

And these methods work over a period of time.

My preferred method is to see a qualified and trained energy healer and have them simply remove the blocked energy. When the energy is released the stress from the trauma is also released.

And you are free to live your life.

If you would like to talk about your options for this type of release feel free to contact me or sign up for a no cost no obligation evaluation.

18 Quick and Easy Tips for a Positive Attitude

June 24th, 2011 by

Life is not always fair and things do not always go your way.

It is important to keep a positive attitude to be able to move through the difficult times.

Below are a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use to keep a Positive Attitude.

1. Keep focused on today and let the past and future take care of themselves.

2. Be aware of your body posture. You can influence how you feel by how you stand and sit. Standing or sitting hunched over constricts your breathing and adds to feelings of despair.

3. Keeping a positive attitude is added by reading high quality books and magazines on uplifting subjects. Not only does this help but by focusing on these subjects your mind is also taken away from worrying about your troubles. And of course it is nice to get motivated.

4. Even though we are sometimes clobbered with negativity we are the ones in control of our attitude. Keep working on an uplifting and positive focus.

5. Work at looking at the newness of things. Many times we take daily life for granted. As the expression goes – stop and smell the roses.

6. Don’t forget to exercise. Besides getting into shape and making your doctor happy, exercise is a great mood elevator. In many cases much better then medication. Also exercise helps get rid of many small aches and pains. The better our bodies feel the better our outlook is.

7. Sometimes it helped to look outward. See how other people are doing. Take time to devote to others. There are many advantages to this. One advantage is that it takes your mind of your own issues. ALso the more you can be of help the more people will send you good thoughts and wishes. And there is a lot to be said for positivity coming your way.

8. Always be aware that it is your attitude that makes you feel how you feel.

9. Keep positive thoughts in your mind. You can use affirmations from popular book or biblical passages. By keeping these thoughts in mind you can help yourself through those low energy periods of time.

10. If we feel oppressed by the wants and need of others then we can see no way out. Work at being the decider of your fate.

11. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

12. Have a plan. If you are able to plan you day, week and month this will give you a direction. As you see your list being completed you will have a sense of accomplishment. This feeling will go a long way in developing a positive attitude.

13. Stop living in the past. If you live in “what might have been” you will find it hard to be happy.

14. A positive attitude is a state of mind. You have to decide you controls your mind. Is it you or is it the circumstances of your environment. The more times you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones the easier it will become.

15. Smile at people. The more times you can have a smile on your face the more positive you will be. And the happier the people around you will be.

16. Take time to sing. Even if you have a bad voice. You will feel better for it.

17. Be happy when you face challenges. The more times you can overcome them the stronger you will be. And the better your attitude will be.

18. Take time to dream of all the things you want to happen. This is a great way to recharge your batteries.